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How many of you are out there, on your own, re-inventing the wheel? When is the last time you read a good book – and learned from some of the ‘masters’?
I am reading all the time. I heard an interview with Bill Gates this morning, actually, and he said that he reads each night for a full 2 hours. That’s impressive. That’s what the ‘masters’ do!

There was an article recently in Forbes magazine – “Top 10 Career Lessons from Powerful Women”. I want to share some of the content with you – and my point of view on each.


“Starbucks’ President Michelle Gass wakes up at 4:30 every morning to go running.Servis kompor
Avon chairman Andrea Jung wakes up at 5. Longtime Vogue editor Anna Wintour is on the tennis court by 6 every morning before work.”
My point of view on this? I totally agree and, in fact, ever since I heard Oprah being interviewed about the time that she gets up in the morning (5:00 a.m. also) – I made the conscious decision to get up earlier also. No more excuses for not getting my exercise done on a daily basis. The alarm goes off at 5:45 – I’m up and at ‘em. I find that doing my exercise routine first thing in the morning sets me up for success for the rest of the day. There is no room for compromise here, in my world. What’s your practice?


“Katie Taylor, the CEO of hotel brand Four Seasons, recently admitted that she is a bit of a “control freak,” but for the good of her and everyone around her, she tries to delegate.”

My Point of View on This? It’s a constant challenge for me. I, too, am a control freak – I’m getting better. And, as you grow your business, it is critical that we get better at this. What happened along the way that we, as women, think we are the ONLY ONES who can do things right? Geesh! I have often compromised on the quality of outcomes because I have held so tightly to the reins. Not smart! Where can you let go this week? What difference will that make, financially, to your business?

“Anne Sweeney, the co-chair of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney-ABC Television Group, describes herself as “driven by curiosity” because “it gets people excited” and “leads to new ideas, new jobs, new industries.”

My Point of View on this? This is one of my natural talents – and it comes directly from my mother! I have a never-ending curiosity about things, people, places and will have it to the day I die. My 89-year old mother, in the last month of her life, was still asking questions about how certain TV commercials are made these days. And I am a chip off the old block. When I compromise about asking questions(so as not to look or sound stupid in front of other people), I pay the price. I fall behind the competition. I am not staying fresh, innovative and leading edge. Stay curious. Ask the questions. Study. Master your craft.


“As the story goes, Thomas Edison failed thousands of times while inventing the light bulb. “I have found 10,000 ways something won’t work,” he said. But he wasn’t discouraged, “because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” Most women reach the top after three decades plugging away. Success takes persistence, stamina and patience.”

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